Morning Struggles? Try Some Snuggles

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Can cuddling with your child in the morning positively impact their whole day? A parent wrote in to Dr. Laura Markham, a clinically trained psychologist with a Ph.D. Columbia University, who answers parenting questions on Aha! Parenting, asking how to make the morning routine less of a nightmare. Her answer: a good old-fashioned snuggle. “That time connecting with your child will transform your morning. You fill your child’s cup before the day starts, and you re-connect after the separation of the night, which gives your child the motivation to cooperate instead of fight with you. This is the best way to prevent morning whining and resistance.” If you can fit some snuggle time into your morning routine, it's definitely worth it to prevent early morning meltdowns!


Mike Julianelle

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