Less Screens, More Dreams!

It can be tough wresting the kids away from the tv, video games, or the iPad, especially during after-dinner hours… but it’s definitely necessary. A team out of the University of Colorado, Boulder found that using anything with a screen in the hours leading up to bedtime causes kids to sleep less and get poorer quality sleep. The content from videos and games is very stimulating and will wake them up. Also, the light emitted from phones and tablets has crazy effects on the body, including reducing melatonin. The National Sleep Foundation conducted a poll in 2014 that found that over 30% of elementary-school children and well over 50% of both middle and high school students don’t get the doctor recommended amounts of sleep for their age groups. Lack of sleep not only affects children in their day-to-day lives, but is linked to obesity, psychological problems, and increased risk-taking behaviors later in life. Though it may be tough at first to keep screens away from your kiddos before bed, it could have an extremely positive effect on their health!

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