Make Eating Fun, Inc. (“MEF”) is a concerned children’s product manufacturer and we take great pride in providing safe and dependable products to you and your child. The safety of our products and the children using them is our primary concern.  As with any other children’s product, there are certain inherent risks involved. By using this product, you agree to the following warnings, risks, and disclosures:



WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. 



USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. This product contains small parts that could be swallowed by small children and cause choking or even death. ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES.


Your Make Eating Fun Basic Kit includes the following, at minimum: one Make Eating Fun Book, one Make Eating Fun Placemat, and one non-toxic dry erase marker. The Make Eating Fun Book is intended to be used to help improve your child’s reading and to encourage healthy eating. The Make Eating Fun Placemat is intended to be used during mealtime as an easy to clean eating surface and to encourage literacy and healthy eating. The dry erase marker is intended to be used to write ONLY on the Placemat, before, during, and after meals. The Book, Placemat and dry erase marker are not intended, and should not be used, for any other purposes. 


MEF is not liable for any illness, injury, death or damages related to or arising out of use of our Kit. 


MEF is not liable for any illness, injury, death or damages related to or arising out of the following, without limitation: food allergies; food contamination; choking; eating disorders; obesity; eating food to quickly; physical or mental harm related to successfully eating foods and reading the story on the placemat; anxiety about successfully reading the book or placemat and gaining parental approval; children swallowing the cap or pen tip of the dry erase marker; friction in the relationship between parent and child; uneasiness sleeping as a result of certain characters or “scary” foods; and any other related things. If your child becomes emotional or scared as a result of introduction to any of the characters or stories, you should prevent your child from continued exposure to such character or story. As the parent or guardian, please use your best judgment both when reading with your child and providing them with food.


MEF is not liable for any damages suffered by the offensiveness of any character or story on a placemat or for a story line that may not be in line with a parent’s values, beliefs or teachings. Parents have full and complete control over the “treat” that is offered as a result of completing the story, and MEF is not responsible for the relationship, if any, between the treat the parent provides and healthy eating. MEF is not responsible for any eating habits developed as a result of using the placemat(s). These results may vary from child to child, and MEF does not guarantee healthy eating habits or literacy.


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